Wine tasting

Coronavirus . Unfortunately until further notice we have decided to put on hold our wine tasting and special events. We hope everyone remains well and look forward to re-starting our services in the near future. Thank you

Want a fun, sociable, luxurious event just for you and your friends? The nice and easy way to get to know our wines is to attend one of our tasting events or let us organise one for you. We run tasting events in private homes, wine bars and restaurants across the UK. If you would like to come along and spend a pleasant hour or two in one of our tasting sessions, check out our Events Calendar or register your interest and we will email you details when an event is local to your area. Alternatively, we can organise your own private event at your chosen location and venue.

The Croatian Wine Club’s wines selection was excellent and in the price range we expected.

The restaurant

Celebrating a special occasion

Looking for something different for your special day?

How many times have you attended a function only to find the wine was not quite what you expected. Then give our wines a try. Our sparkling white is considered better than ‘champagne’.

Our regular wines are exciting and different, your guests will be having a conversation about them long after the celebration has finished.

Contact us to discuss your special occasion, what you would like,  when and the number of people. You will be very surprised how competitive our quality wines are.