30 mil Citron Vodka
140 mil Feravino Rosé
2 basil leaves, ripped
1 lemon wedge
15 mil simple syrup
45mil sparkly water or club soda

Muddle basil, lemon, and simple syrup in a cocktail shaker. Next, fill the shaker with ice, and add the vodka and wine. Stir, and pour unstrained into wine glass. Finish it off by topping the cocktail with club soda, and garnish with lemon wedge.

White Wine-Berry Sangria

1 bottle dry white wine, our Feravino Graševina is perfect selection
250 mil lemonade
125 mil raspberry vodka
65 mil brandy
chopped strawberries

In a pitcher, combine wine, soda, vodka and brandy.
Put a few raspberries and a small handful of chopped strawberries into the bottom of each glass and muddle. Fill glass with ice, then top with sangria and a few blueberries. Stir.
It’s tart and sweet and goes down easy. Perfect for any celebration, especially Christmas …