• A whole new world – a wine tasting test for Horsham

    We also offered our newest sparkling wines at this event – Grasecco and Francesca. These are an amazing alternative to Champagne/Prosecco. They are really delicious and easy to drink. Made using the traditional method of Champagne they have a fantastic depth of flavour but are light and crisp like a beloved prosecco. 86% of people at this tasting loved this product!

    Fancy trying some of the wines for yourself?

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    Until next time…

    Hello again readers!

    What a month January has been! We have been very busy and we are really enjoying having a very successful month as a result.

    We recently held a wine tasting session in Horsham which has proved a huge success. As we always promise this was a bespoke event and our customer was very clear they wanted to try a variety of Croatian wine so we delivered. It was really fascinating to see the comparisons and feedback on the wines and we thought we would share that with you.

    Our story was one of influence of the Croatian wine makers around the world. Our wine journey started in Croatian, we then visited New Zealand and California before returning back to Croatia. All our wine makers had one thing in common, they were Croatian.

    Some say there would be no modern New Zealand wine industry, and after showcasing Villa Maria and Babich Wines, we can see how these award-winning wine makers have made their mark.

    From Californian we showcased the famous Grgich Zinfandel. You might imagine what happened – some people absolutely loved it (and this includes us) and others less so. Yes, Zinfandel is somewhat a marmite of the wine, some love it and some don’t.

    We opened with a bit of background on the wine regions on offer which were our very own Croatian delights and some of New Zealand’s and Californian offerings. We kept it light with detail but focused on fun and informative facts.

    With each tasting, we spoke about what to expect from the wine and allowed the tasters time to relish the flavours and find their own interpretation of the wines (the best bit!)

    We were sure to include some snippets of jewels from our vineyards as well.

    What really stood out from this tasting was the feedback on our wines and it was a fantastic opportunity for us to see a comparison with some of New Zealand’s and Californian finest as well as getting some first-hand feedback on all aspects of our products.

    Thank you so much to the lovely customer that booked this and gave us a different angle.

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  • Celebrations of St. Vincent’s at Feravino

    It is that time of year again and our regular readers probably saw our blog last year on the festivities of St. Vincent.

    This year we took a trip to Feravino  to celebrate with them and what a party it was!

    For those that missed it, St. Vincent’s celebration is a three day festival that runs over 20-22nd January which is the mid-point between the onset of dormancy and bud-break in our vine’s growing cycle and time when winemakers determine just how good the previous vintage is.

    This is the ideal time and setting, and in this part of Croatia it is usually a beautiful winter wonderland with snowy vineyards, to reflect and plan for the new growth of the year to come.

    Guests can even get involved with cooking traditional feasts over an open fire. This year nearly 1000 guest joined us for the celebration.

    We love looking forward to this festival and it instantly dissolves our January blues.
    For now, we will say Zivjeli! (A toast meaning to live, exist and be alive!)

    During the festive period the vineyards are blessed so that they may have many a successful harvest. The winemakers relish this opportunity to showcase and share their wines with everyone and share they definitely do!

    This year Stjepan Mesic (the ex-president of Croatia) was the guest of honour and assisted with trimming back the vines.