• Christmas delights


    30 mil Citron Vodka
    140 mil Feravino Rosé
    2 basil leaves, ripped
    1 lemon wedge
    15 mil simple syrup
    45mil sparkly water or club soda

    Muddle basil, lemon, and simple syrup in a cocktail shaker. Next, fill the shaker with ice, and add the vodka and wine. Stir, and pour unstrained into wine glass. Finish it off by topping the cocktail with club soda, and garnish with lemon wedge.

    White Wine-Berry Sangria

    1 bottle dry white wine, our Feravino Graševina is perfect selection
    250 mil lemonade
    125 mil raspberry vodka
    65 mil brandy
    chopped strawberries

    In a pitcher, combine wine, soda, vodka and brandy.
    Put a few raspberries and a small handful of chopped strawberries into the bottom of each glass and muddle. Fill glass with ice, then top with sangria and a few blueberries. Stir.
    It’s tart and sweet and goes down easy. Perfect for any celebration, especially Christmas …

  • Fancy a drink on a cold dark evening?

    Perfect wine to enjoy on a cold dark evening

    2015 Erdut Merlot Barrique

    We don’t know about you but as the evenings draw in we really look forward to a glass of Croatian 2015 Erdut Merlot Barrique of an evening.

    Our Merlot really is the ideal Croatian wine and great value at just £17.99. It’s very easy to drink and enjoy whatever your taste.

    Merlot is a popular wine choice, likelihood is you will have tried and enjoyed a merlot, but none quite like ours.

    Croatia’s Erdut vineyards have the ideal climate to grow this grape. As a result, you will get a velvety, intense and soft wine. This wine has low tannins (that drying sensation on your gums you sometimes get) and you will get flavours of black cherries, prunes and red berries. The hint of plum makes this really enjoyable in the winter months.

    Our Merlot has a Protected destination of origin (PDO). It really is something special to enjoy.

    Want to try before you buy? Get in touch and we will arrange a tasting for you.

    See you next time for more on Croatian Wine.

    The crowd pleaser


    Pronounce it: mer-low

    Merlot is the red that has come racing up the popularity stakes. It’s the variety – especially if it’s made in the New World – that you can enjoy without food, so it has won a place in our hearts as one of the choices for a Friday night in front of the TV.

    It is very easy to lose sight of the fact that Merlot is a serious ‘noble’ varietal that blossoms when it is fermented and aged in oak barrels. To the ripe berry fruits can be added real complexity from the oak, giving notes of tobacco and cedar, or vanilla and rich coconut.

    In Chile, Merlot was long confused with the Carmenère grape and today there are still mixed plantings. Chile specialises in ripe young ready-to-drink merlots.

    California has long made ultra-ripe and glossy Merlots – now South Africa and New Zealand are producing serious versions too.


    Main characteristics

    Colour:  red; medium garnet to deeper ruby

    Body: medium to full bodied

    Tastes: red-fruits, plums and blueberries, often with relatively soft tannins. When aged in oak it acquires cedar (French oak) or vanilla and coconut (American oak) characters

    Often blended with: Cabernet Sauvignon, providing ripe fruit and softness, as well as the other Bordeaux varieties Cabernet France and Petit Verdot

    Spotter’s guide: France, in Bordeaux on ‘the Right Bank’ it is the predominant grape variety in St Emilion and Pomerol, also Langedoc Roussillon; Spain, Navarra, Penedès; California, Washington, USA; Australia; New Zealand; Chile; South Africa

    Keep or drink? Many Merlot are ready to drink; but it has the structure and backbone to cellar for 10 years or more.

    By: bbcgoodfood.com/glossary/merlot
  • It’s Bonfire Night!

    That time of year has come back around and we love a good Bonfire celebration. It is a fantastic opportunity to get together as a family or with friends and enjoy the fireworks and of course sparklers!

    Best of all, there is something for everyone and it is another great opportunity to relish a glass of finest Croatian wine.

    We recommend Feravino’s Miraz Frankovka as this beautiful red grape perfectly matches an autumn evening. This gem of a red wine gives off a lively, fruity flavour with a peppery tone. Mostly, you will taste delicious pops of berry flavours, making this wine intense and balanced.

    Let us know if you can get the vanilla and dark chocolate – these are found in our Feravino’s Miraz Frankovka wine due to the oak ageing process giving it an extra dimension on your palate.

    The climate for this grape (Slvonijan’s cold winters and sunny summers) means that the Feravino Miraz Frankovka wine has just the right amount of acidity and goes really well with a range of foods and below we have recommended some traditional Croatian things for you.

    To get the most out of our wine, you need to enjoy it chilled – we know what you are thinking, who in their right mind chills red wine!?

    Actually, there are quite a few red wines which are best served chilled and this is one of them, don’t just take our word for it, give it a try at home.

    To accompany your Miraz Frankovka

    This wine is simply perfection when partnered with game, meats and strong cheeses. Creating a simple meze at home will be the ideal pairing. Remember to include a range of meats and cheeses.

    If you would rather a meal to accompany your wine, why not try this traditional Croatian meal, Cobanac Slavonian Meat Stew. This is absolutely delicious and provides a warming winter supper. The acidity of this wine cuts through those meaty flavours perfectly.

    A great version of this recipe (almost as good as our Brothers home-made version) can be found here. We would share the family recipe but Josip keeps it close, so we don’t even know it in full!

    Want to know more about Frankovka grape, here is a great article from Total Croatia. 

    Don’t forget to check out our vineyard tours if you want to see the vineyards for yourself and maybe sample this wine with traditional food pairings.